List of products by brand Manila Grace®

A fabric must tell a story.

Exuberant without excess. Without fear of hazard. With a great desire to establish itself and never victim of trends. This is the woman proposed in the Manila Grace collections, a woman who affirms a sense of style made of contamination and overlapping, of creations in movement. Concrete colors and often unstructured shapes, dyed and retouched fabrics, artfully stained, intertwined, mixed and knotted. It takes shape a contemporary wardrobe that contains apparently simple garments and daily spirit alongside precious details and haute couture-style creations. The handcrafted finishes, the uniqueness in the cuts and the flowing shapes give life to dresses with a casual mood in which the prints express a timeless society and knitwear, always a strong complement to every collection, evolves by playing with different colors and materials. Manila Grace continues its journey of strengthening and consolidating its image through the opening of new monobrand stores and the implementation of global partnerships able to extend the product offer. Brand extension strategies implemented with a view to enhancing the brand's DNA, transforming it into a brand in the full sense of the word, giving it a lifestyle, a culture and strong values ​​through strictly Italian high quality products.

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