List of products by brand La Compagnia delle Pelli®

Fashion can not and must not have borders.

Our story begins in 1993 with the acquisition of some brands licensed for high leather accessories. In parallel, the most famous Maison on the international scene began to entrust us with the study of entire collections. Inspiration and mood come from the Fashion houses. Hence our Style Office is activated for a preliminary study, combines the distinctive canons of the brand on the product being processed and realizes the first prototypes that, once approved, are introduced on the market. Having our own internal Style Office and knowing in depth all the elements that consecrate a simple fashion accessory as an object of worship has made us particularly attentive in the selection of the brands that we offer to our customers. For this reason, in our online and off-line sales points, you will only find brands that combine the celebrity of the name, the quality of excellent raw materials, a careful study of details and precious finishes. Fashion can not and must not have borders. Hence our desire to open an online store open 24 hours on 24. You will find unique collections, capable of interpreting different personalities but accumulated by the desire to establish themselves with a distinctive style. Having one of our accessories in our hands means entering a world of true quality, where the craftsmanship of those who make them harmonizes with the personality of the wearer.

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