List of products by brand Kocca®

Extraordinary ability to innovate.

Kocca Srl was born from an Idea of Miranda brothers in 1995 and today is one of the most dynamic realities in the Italian fashion industry. From a small business reality, in a few yeas it developed transforming into an established leading structure in the commercialization and realization of fashion products with a unique style and character. A particular attention is given to human resources, a strong inner coexistence, and an innbovativemente management style, these are the fundamental values of all the reality of the company of the group. “Client is the center of everything”: this is one of the targets Kocca works to achieve everyday. To the works of innovation and of client’s orientation, the strict quality control in both the distrubution proceses of selling services and production ones are added. A particular sensibility to quality and to most modern materials, the ability of “problem solving” combined with the extraordinary capacity of innovation of its own collections, makes kocca one of the most active and prestigious realities of the Italian panorama.

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