List of products by brand Artico®

Tradition and contemporaneity.

Artico was founded in 1979. The choice of the name falls on Artico as clear and immediate contrast to the distinctive features of the collection, such as the warmth and softness of its warm and enveloping garments. Success is immediate. Starting from the Italian market, today Artico can boast exports all over the world, satisfying the demands of a transversal target in the search for quality products, highly customizable and therefore unique, packaged with attention to detail that distinguishes the high tailoring Made in Italy. The continuous and untiring research of market trends has led to the experimentation of new forms and combinations: mixed and reversible garments, and noble fibers such as cashmere and angora that intertwine with shearling and chamois. In 2010 the traditional Artico collection is joined by the most gritty Roncarati collection. The result is a range of coats in line with the needs of a conscious and demanding clientele, which recognizes the elegance and value of products that can fully qualify in luxury crafts. From its origins to today, by harmoniously combining tradition and modernity, our history continues with great success.

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