List of products by brand Marco Grifoni®

For an eclectic researcher.

The maison Grifoni was founded in 1992 by the genius of Mauro Grifoni, as a small workshop of craft shirts. Interpreting the traditional canon of shirting, Mauro, through original and innovative techniques, transforms the garment making it unique. Given the love for perfection and the handmade, the step to the production of tailored clothes is very short. From 1997 Mauro has been joined by Andrea Breda and Ilaria Sesso. The spirit of the maison is shown in the three figures of the equal partners. Mauro continues to take care of the total male look, holding the position of artistic director. Ilaria covers the other hemisphere of the artistic direction, taking care of the female total look. For Andrea, however, the role of administrative and financial director fits perfectly. Working in unison, stimulating each other, the three managed to make great the maison, which today is present with its brand all over the world. The Grifoni wardrobe reflects an eclectic, sophisticated client, who mixes classicism and innovation, a customer with a relaxed and cosmopolitan spirit, which never falls into homologation.

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