List of products by brand Weill®

Luxurious and contemporary atmosphere.

Landed by his native Alsace, Albert Weill set up a small workshop for a women ready to wear in Aboukir Street. The models designed by his wife Anna are made by needlewomen at home and delivered to the department stores of this time. At the instigation of Robert Weill his son, the prosperous company settled down at Montmartre in the building built to support this development “la manufacture” become the head office of an optimized and quality wholesale clothing. The third generation, Jean-Claude Weill, propels the company in the modernity, from dressmaking to mass-produced ready-to-wear, from anonymous clothes to designed and branded pieces. In testimony, the creation of the famous carriage logo, slogan "Weill vous va" and an advertising campaign by Publicis. While France is in full excitement, Weill denude his models. The fourth generation of the Weill family – Bernard, Jean-Pierre and Viviane, open the first Weill boutique on the famous street Champs Elysees. Weill celebrates its centenary. Is the event of the year in the world of Fashion, "Il est cent ans, Paris c’est Weill" Exhibition at the Fashion Museum in Paris. WEILL knows an international development, from Europe to Russia, from the Middle East to Asia. The contemporary style of the new structure is in harmony with the work of Humbert & Poyet who were entrusted with the decoration of the company stores. In collaboration with the architect and the Weill family, the designers have created a luxurious contemporary atmosphere. The entrance hall and showroom reflect the initial design by the famous architect and interior designer Paul Dupré-Lafon, who did the original interior decoration. It reinterprets subtle combinations of travertine with black and green marble along with a bold mix of 1930s architecture, 1950s lighting designs (Knoll, Guariche and Gino Sarfati), and a resolutely contemporary style.

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