List of products by brand Jupe de Satin®

Style and research of materials.

The JUPE DE SATIN brand was founded in 2002 by a happy intuition: to maintain the artisan care of the niche product, combining it with a precise expansion strategy, always focusing on the added value of style and the search for material. The brand has a strong autobiographical spirit that arises from the passion of Gabriella Agostini for travel is always to discover the pleasure of elsewhere, bringing from its paths that dose of novelty and creativity that characterizes its collections clean lines, but always different influenced by details and cosmopolitan colors. With the name JUPE DE SATIN the designer wanted to express the marriage of refinement and feminine elegance represented by the essential and lightness of a satin skirt. JUPE DE SATIN was born as a craft workshop of ideas where research and trends are tested. In a short time this niche product has aroused the interest of buyers and international press. The brand distributed worldwide is now present in the best boutiques from Milan and Tokyo, from Moscow to Paris. The story of a small maison with a soul that loves letting itself be chosen by a demanding and aware international clientele.

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