List of products by brand Annarita N®

Total look daily chic.

AnnaRita N is the women's clothing brand born in 1995 that takes its name from its creator: the stylist and visionary entrepreneur Anna Rita Noviello. Borg S.p.A. was founded in the mid-1990s. - the company that produces and distributes the collections of the brand - of which today the fashion designer is creative director. Passion, craftsmanship, attention and modernity: these are the key words to define the world of the brand, a success story of over twenty years confirmed by a continuous growth characterized by unique products able to express innovative ideas and impeccable quality under every point of view, in the name of Italian sartorial tradition and a strong link with the territory. The importance of details, a strong sense of renewal, the quality at three hundred and sixty degrees. These are just some of the main elements of a world, that of the company, which composes a mosaic of style and passion, intertwined with an indisputable entrepreneurial vocation. One of the strong points of the brand is its strong identity, characterized by eclectic, elegant and at the same time informal collections, in which the daily life of the woman fits perfectly with femininity and seduction. Lightness, energy, exotic touches and unmistakable references to the style icons of yesterday, today and tomorrow, in a continuum that amazes and fascinates. AnnaRita N's woman is versatile and elegant, ironic and resolute, with a strong personality and an irresistible spirit of freedom. There are three main lines that distinguish the brand - each made in Italy - three different but interconnected worlds, in the sign of versatility and a woman who can maintain her ease while being elegant: Twenty 4H focuses on the "Total look daily chic", for an everyday life that is accessible but never banal with garments with mostly natural fabrics; Luxury is the line dedicated to special occasions and evenings where every woman wants to feel beautiful and shine with a special light: unique workmanship, refined fabrics, a timeless elegance ideal for spending an unforgettable evening; Gold as the name suggests is a world apart, it is the collection dedicated to the catwalk and the most important events or gala: limited editions with tailor-made garments and an idea of ​​style that surprises and winks at the great Italian tradition, without forgetting an unmissable international breadth. Women between 25 and 45 years, a precise target that corresponds to a fashion idea that wants to intercept a dynamic femininity and in the full of personal and professional fulfillment.

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