List of products by brand Ralph Lauren®

Contemporary and eclectic.

Ralph Lauren is the first line of total tailored look and deluxe sportswear, inspired by the British tradition and French couture, with the gentle touch of Ralph Lauren. The brand is famous for men's suits and jackets, and collections of knitwear and women's trousers. The sober and sophisticated collections present a timeless elegance made of soft and sinuous lines, which characterize the dresses with a strong personality. Ralph Lauren proposes a masculine and feminine look with an aristocratic allure, full of exotic influences and British quotations, between country-chic style and metropolitan taste. The man Ralph Lauren is elegant and refined, wearing tweed jackets and precious crocodile shoes, colored and inspired by the equestrian world. The woman of Ralph Lauren is contemporary and eclectic, able to bring with absolute ease romantic dresses enriched with bows and ruffles, gray men's suits with an androgynous taste and golden jackets by bikers.

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