List of products by brand Aeronautica Militare®

The charm of pilots and casual style.

Although the Aeronautica Militare brand is relatively young, the history of the company that owns the brand, the Cristiano di Thiene S.p.A., has a much longer history behind it. Cristiano Sperotto, its founder, began working as a male tailor in the early forties, and then moved to Thiene in the province of Vicenza in 1960, which remained the company's headquarters in the following decades. At the end of the seventies, the children of Cristiano, Paolo and Armando Pio also entered the family business. It is in this historical phase that the production passed from that of a craft workshop to that of a real company - the Christian of Thiene S.p.A. - and that the Sperotto family tightened ties with the staff of the "Arturo Ferrarin" airport of Thiene, packaging for the Air Force pilots and the acrobatic team of the Frecce Tricolori very appreciated leather jackets. However, the real breakthrough came in 2004. Thanks to the exclusive agreement with the General Staff of the Italian Air Force, the homonymous brand of clothing and accessories was born, on which stands coats of arms, badges and authentic logos. The charm of the pilots and the casual style, "lived" and almost vintage, have helped make Aeronautica Italiana a widespread brand not only in Italy, but all over the world.

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