List of products by brand Blue Joint®

Value for money.

The proprietary Vitamin Bluejoint distributes ready-to-wear clothing and accessories for women. The quality-price ratio of the products offered is highly competitive compared to the industry average. The diversification of the marketed products allows for the supply in the Just in Time method to all interested retail sector operators. The attention to customers and the reliability of its facilities have allowed the company to acquire more and more credit and trust. Bluejoint covers 3000 square meters with a complete assortment that will offer you the right product to satisfy any fantasy. Almost thirty years of experience in the field of stylistic research and modeling guarantee a product characterized by garments of excellent wearability and a current look, constantly updated to the latest news from the world of fashion and new collections. Our perspectives are to continue to evolve according to the needs of the market with particular attention to young people.

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