List of products by brand Navigare®

Mix of styling and culture.

The Navigare brand produces garments from 1961 for contemporary men with a proud Italian style and taste, without ever giving up quality. Our gaze is turned towards the future, enhancing our important history and with the aim of making what we already are distinctive. Hence Proper Italian Menswear, a new concept to export a great concept of Italianness. Right, adequate, correct. We love to feel at ease, to be adapted to the situation with a touch of style that has always distinguished us. We tell a way to be in a clear tone of voice and not just looking at the product, but at that perfection where there is nothing to add and nothing to remove. We are proudly Italians. We want to convey a great concept of Italianness, one that stands out for its class, balance and tradition. We propose a mix of styling and innate culture to interpret a style that has always been considered international, a well-defined imaginary that has always been unmistakable.

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