List of products by brand Barbati®

Passion for work.

The love for beauty, the passion for travel, the attitude for fashion: Barbati. A passionate brand, inspired by a group of young people with a twenty year history. We tell our idea of ​​man, creating collections in balance between tailoring and modern cuts and the attention to the research of fabrics and workmanship, which characterize our dresscode. Barbati represents our passion for work, our territory, our experience and our Neapolitan culture. We are able to realize the quality of our garments using the craftsmanship that is typical of our people and taking care in selecting the raw materials. Our inspiration is to look where formality and modernity meet, giving the maximum aesthetic result, where style is strongly "Made in Italy". Barbati continues to evolve and is planning the opening of single-brand stores in the city center and in the department store.

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