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Luxury towards a new outdoor lifestyle.

Marina Yachting was founded in 1878 in Genoa, Italy, by Nicolò Gavino, a sailor and importer of the classic coats of the British Navy "Pickot". In 1972, Giorgio Gavino developed the family business by developing a real brand, opened the first Marina Yachting store in Genoa and devised a small collection, characterized by the spinnaker logo. Boasting over 130 years of history, the Marina Yachting brand is a driving force in the current trend of luxury sportswear brands towards a new outdoor lifestyle. This includes the recent launch of a process of general restyling of its main lines - Archivio, Banchina and Macrologo. The collections are skilfully designed by four internationally renowned designers, who share the love for the values ​​of Italian quality and design by Marina Yachting. The result is an exciting combination between the deep roots of the brand and a new and leading international design trend. A unique Techno Chic brand that skilfully blends iconic products with active marine lifestyle with a strongly contemporary design.

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