List of products by brand Canali®

Real masterpieces.

Canali is a specialist in luxury tailored garments and witnesses a typically Italian masculine elegance. Since 1934, it promotes the tradition of craftsmanship and Made in Italy. Mixing culture and history with elegance and style to create real masterpieces every time. Perfection for wearable beauty, superior quality of fabrics, infinite care of details, constant updating of the silhouettes, innovation and creativity are the key ingredients of Canali's sartorial tradition. Values ​​that are found not only in the clothing and shoe collections but also in the exclusive bespoke service. A unique experience in which the customer is accompanied step by step in each of his choices to create a unique tailoring suit. Today the Group, led by the third generation, includes several production centers, all in Italy, 1600 employees, 180 boutiques. in the world, number continues to grow, and 1000 stores located in over 100 countries.

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