List of products by brand Franco Raguso®

Passion and competence.

1963: this is the beginning of our story born from a very strong passion of a young craftsman named Franco who, thanks to the skill of his hands and the conviction of his ideas, creates in Martina Franca in Puglia, Italy, the leather goods that surname and its year of foundation, Raguso 1963. The company, in the early years, is dedicated to the growing demand for leather goods handcrafted tailored to our customers but also commissioned by major fashion houses. Over time, thanks to the experience gained and the precious help of the family and qualified staff, Franco Raguso decided to take a further step alongside the laboratory, the first store and a few years later, now known and recognized for quality and the choices of their work, the second store, offering greater service to all customers. Today Raguso 1963 is managed by the sons of Franco, assisted by a team of collaborators, to continue a family tradition, made of knowledge, passion and expertise at the service of all those who choose us for their purchases.

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