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Piccione Piccione is a brand of women's clothing created by Sicilian Salvatore Piccione, a lover of innovative and eccentric creations. Salvatore, he first developed an experience as a designer of prints in London, a know-how that is very much reflected on the Piccione Piccione brand. The diverse collection of hand prints and embroidery on mini dresses, chemises, shorts and very short skirts reflects that imprinting. Piccione graduated in Fashion Design in 2008 and obtained numerous awards including My Own Show IED-Vogue Italia and Professione Moda Giovani Stillisti. She works with Mary Katrantzou as a Fashion Designer and develops special projects in collaboration with Swarovski, Topshop, Pablo Bronstein and Longchamp, as well as freelance collaborations for Celine and Hobbs and Arpel Fur Magazine. Salvatore has continuously developed his art and emerged as a capable designer with a complete mastery of the tools for creating graphics and technical drawing. His strong sensitivity towards womenswear, the passion for detail, love for embroidery, ornamental decoration and a constant search for creativity and beauty led him to the creation of the Piccione Piccione brand. The ideal Piccione Piccione for women derives from the re-evaluation of pure beauty. A woman who wants to be beautiful from the natural point of view, very aware of herself. Every detail of Piccione Piccione is carefully calculated, yet the final result seems so natural, spontaneous and not calculated at all. The various collections, in fact, boast audacious structures, strongly inspired by nature, by leaves, by flowers, by simple marbles, by thin lines, but also by mystical colors influenced by ancient paintings. Collage of prints characterized by soap bubbles, small balloons, delicate and imperceptible floral motifs, then mixed with accessories, bracelets, belts, clutches, shopping bags, and a new line of outerwear, reinforce the range with many imaginative prints, a colorful palette , electrifying and kaleidoscopic.

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