List of products by brand Harmont & Blaine®

Color and functional comfort.

An important internationalization process has led to the transformation of a family-owned company into an important company that is globally recognized, with a distribution of 70 Harmont & Blaine boutiques in the Italian territory and 60 in the international one, as well as 1,000 points multibrand sales all over the world and a significant presence in the best chains and shopping malls in the main shopping capitals: from the United States to Mexico, from Turkey to Spain, from the Arab Emirates, to Qatar to Russia and China. The stylistic innovation, the cheerfulness, the development of shapes and geometries untied by excessive formalisms, the careful selection of high quality materials, dictate the rules of a corporate vision that finds in the creative dynamism the canons of a new casual elegance, contaminated by elements of functionality, essential for the contemporary consumer. Reconstructing the patterns of casual elegance adaptable to different lifestyles: this is the company mission that guides Harmont & Blaine in strategic choices and in the creation of collections that are able to seal the exclusivity of style and color combinations combined with functional comfort , to be lived both in working moments, as in moments of freedom.

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