List of products by brand Rossopuro®

Technological and stylistic research.

It was 1912 when Luigi Ciocca decided to open a shoe factory in Milan that soon became iconic in the sector up to the present day when the company was led by Ciocca's nephews. Soon the company expands with the purchase of new premises and land in the province where direct production takes place. During the years of the war and after the war, the company continues with determination the production of socks based on continuous technological and stylistic research. It was in the nineties that the shoe factory met its great success and expanded the production of wool and cotton socks with that of high quality knitwear branded Rossopuro. The constant research, attention to detail and the production of quality materials and fabrics combined with a prompt and flexible service make it a leading company in Italy and highly esteemed abroad. The Rossopuro brand is characterized by contemporary design and high quality materials; the winter collections are characterized by pure wool and cashmere, the real flagship of the garments. The attention to the individual detail and the hand workmanship generate unique pieces, an example of the Italian sartorial tradition. As for the summer lines instead, they are characterized by silk and pure natural cotton, fabrics dyed and processed according to traditional techniques that give it value and comfortable wearability. Finally, the optimal quality-price ratio means that clothes are highly appreciated by demanding customers looking for style and quality. The man and woman who choose Rossopuro appreciate the classic lines, comfortable fabrics and sophisticated and contemporary style. Knitwear makes use of numerous production machines and strict control during all phases of assembly and packaging guarantees a final product of extreme quality and prestige. The numerous points of sale and the convenient online shop available on the website allow the simple purchase of quality socks and knitwear. Once again the made in Italy that stands out with pride in foreign markets.

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