List of products by brand Pianura Studio®

A transformist woman.

Pianura Studio is a total look clothing brand for women, with focus on knitted and jersey garments, protagonists of the wardrobe proposed in different shapes and thicknesses. The brand was founded in 1999 by the brothers Anna and Salvatore Pianura, who create the successful brands: "Annapianura" which interprets a more classic elegance and Pianura Studio. Experimentation and overlapping characterize the brand's gritty and colorful fashion, influenced by the Optical Art of the '70s and dominated by daring combinations, patchwork, in a mismatch of contrasting fabrics and colors. The brand presents fashion collections and versatile, for a woman transformist, who wears original outfits and plays with the wardrobe pieces interpreting new roles according to the mood: from the "sporty girl" to the "nomadic" hippie-chic. Even the garments change appearance: and here the t-shirts become mini-dresses and the t-shirts are broken up into tank tops. Vivid jerseys with "seventies" patterns are worn on plain-colored trousers or skirts, rigorous lines and sartorial cuts typical of the male wardrobe dominate on suits lightened by sequins, fabrics and feminine details. On dresses, swimsuits, outerwear, knits and shorts triumph geometric prints, madras, illusory optical effects given by the juxtaposition of black and white, floral motifs, vichy squares, embroidery, lace and laces that give the garments a romantic touch.

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