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Life is Imperfect.

In 2004 Fabio Castelli, Giovanni Piloni, Alberto Scorsetti, Alessandro Riva and Mario Stuppelli created ‘Five Seasons’, a fashion company which proved to be a winning bet from the very first year. Determination, passion and experience mark Five Seasons’s birth and business growth with that touch of boldness necessary to challenge the market. Collections are entirely designed, studied, developed and created inside Five Seasons’s style department, where young designers and graphics give life to renewed and original clothing with fashionable lines and colours, under Fabio Castelli’s direction. Five Seasons’s policy has always developed a strong and effective communication activity to support brands, also through a great attention to new technologies, for example through social networks. “IMPERFECTION IS BEAUTY, MADNESS IS GENIUS” the famous phrase of Marilyn Monroe, icon of timeless appeal, symbol of eternal beuty and fashion, becomes a source of inspiration for IMPERFECT, the new brand born in Five Seasons on 2012. Inspiration comes directly from the America Celebrities’ style, gorgeous in front of the spotlight but at the same time super fashion in the free time. The name chosen for the brand fully embraces this trend that makes a impefect style a real must. Not surprisingly in the logo’s lettering takes shape the first imperfection that sees the two letters replaced by two symbols: in place of “P” we find a question mark, while the letter “i” is flipped to becoming an exclamation mark, that, enclosed in square brackets, becomes a symbol of the brand. To the creation of the new brand, IMPERFECT, has collaborated together at the Five Seasons style office the beautiful argentine showgirl, Belen Rodriguez, at his first experience as designer in the fashion world. Thanks to agreement with Five Seasons Belen comes out of the testimonial’s role and becomes an active part of a project’s clothing, parteciping in first-person to collections creations, along with Fabio Castelli, creative director of Five Seasons. The contribution of Belen has been significant for the brand, not only for the mood style but also for the choice of patterns, tissues and colours that characterized the new collection.

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