List of products by brand Entre Amis®

Undivided and contemporary spirit.

Entre Amis is a trousers that combines impeccable tailoring roots with an understated and contemporary spirit. Inspired by the centennial Neapolitan tradition, it offers a new point of view thanks to a fresh and personal twist. Born in 2010, Entre Amis immediately succeeds in establishing itself in international menswear thanks to sartorial wearability and unprecedented textures, becoming one of the "brand to watch" in the men's trousers segment. The name of the brand tells a very clear objective: to create a product that starting from the sartorial tradition could become a model of style for the new metropolitan tribes. The soul of trousers Entre Amis reflects the identity of a new generation, characterized by infinite facets and contradictions. Entre Amis offers experiments on denim and chino classics, without forgetting elegant double pince high-waisted. Today entre amis is the most popular brand in the Italian market, while in the Rising Sun it has already managed to become the third best-selling brand in the trousers segment. The international challenges are therefore the ambitious goal of a strong brand of collections with over one hundred and fifty garments developed in different models and fabrics with original patterns created ad hoc and exclusive.

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