List of products by brand Neera®

Long tradition of craftsmanship.

Neera is a knitwear brand aimed at a contemporary, modern and histrionic woman who lets herself be fascinated from elegance and strictly Made in Italy production. The brand is produced by Gordon Confezioni, a company founded in 1952 by the will, ingenuity and by a long tradition of craftsmanship of the Centrulli family that is still not at the helm with the third generation of entrepreneurs represented by its CEO Francesco Centrulli. The production is carried out inside the plant of over 3000 square meters located in Cassano delle Murge, where the entire production cycle is present. The Gordon Confezioni also makes use of the creative contribution of a Style office and the constant supervision of a Quality Division with the task of implementing research in the field of yarns and improving production processes. This allows us to exercise the broadest control over the various production phases, from the stylistic creation of each model to the creation of the finished garment as well as the constant monitoring of production. Thanks to the creativity of its collaborators, to the most modern technologies applied to the field of knitting, to the constant search for materials and yarns and above all to a scrupulous procedure for checking the quality of the garments carried out in three different phases of production. La Gordon Confezioni, is able to guarantee its customers, with increasing success and in respect of delivery times, exclusive and high-quality models that can satisfy, at the same time, the needs of comfort, fit without neglecting the taste for a refined look and sophisticated style.

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