List of products by brand Michael Coal®

Functionality and practicality.

It is the entrepreneurial ability and the ambition to introduce a distinctive Made in Italy product with a strong and clear identity in a specific market segment, which was born in 2010, the Michael Coal brand. The trousers Michael Coal, the maison's core business, is the result of a long-term investment made by a group of specialists determined to create a unique product of its kind, in the realization of the handmade details and the use of refined fabrics and exclusive raw materials. Michael Coal has an important national coverage and is expanding its presence also on the foreign market. The products are distributed in the best concept stores, as well as in the most exclusive e-commerce. It is aimed at a transversal audience, capable of recognizing the style, functionality and practicality of the Michael Coal designer garments. The brand is also dedicated to the creation of private label projects, aimed at creating ad-hoc trousers for customers who request it.

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