List of products by brand Atelier Cigala's®

True high-end product.

Born in 2000 in Urbania, a district with a long Italian tradition in denim, Atelier Cigala's uses decades of experience in fitting to build a line of cosmopolitan and international jeans. No embroidery and no prints: its collections focus on know-how, given the high quality of the fabrics. Cotton, drill, smooth and ribbed velvet, mixed cotton and linen, gabardine and satin, combined with elastic fibers with special weaving techniques give the result of a soft hand and a high recovery index, ie the elasticity that allows the garment to shape around the body, without loosening over time. One of the aforementioned fabrics is the Dual Fit (lycra associated with polyester and covered with cotton), constant in the collections that allows a natural and almost non-deformable appearance of the fabric. Atelier Cigala's eschews brand ostentation to focus on design with simple and essential lines, giving particular attention to the substance, which makes its jeans a real high-end product.

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