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Search for shapes and materials.

ALYSI was founded in 1996 and is still led by the founding family, that with passion and dedication, for twenty years is dedicated to the growth of the brand, strong in its values ​​but with an eye always attentive to new trends. The core business consists of collections of women's clothing, which over the years has been joined by a line of accessories and shoes, named Accessoreria. The Headquarter is located in Rome, in the heart of the Capitoline commercial fabric: all the executive offices are enclosed in 4000 square meters, including logistics, warehouse, tailoring and production. The attention to workmanship, the choice of fabrics, the search for shapes and materials, the study of volumes and the creation of personalized and exclusive prints and graphics, represent the unmistakable DNA of the brand. Combining the tradition of Made in Italy and the quality of craftsmanship with the most innovative distribution and style logics: this is the direction on which the ALYSI team works daily, with passion and constancy. Internationalization is one of the levers on which the brand is focusing more: to date the Alysi collections are present in 16 countries with more than 700 multi-brand stores. The goal is to strengthen the image in the Italian market more and more, and to affirm the brand in more and more countries beyond national borders.

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