List of products by brand Sergio Levantesi®

Passion for beauty.

The company GKS srl was founded in 1988 in the Marche region, known for its manufacturing quality, from the business idea of ​​Gabriele Levantesi and his wife Anna, who, after years spent working in shoe factories, moved by the passion for beauty decide to give life to their shoe company. To date, even if the two founding spouses are always present in the company, this is led by their three sons Graziella, Katiuscia and Sergio. Each of the three children works within the shoe factory covering specific roles based on the experience gained in the sector and targeted training; specifically Graziella is responsible for the administrative office, Katiuscia responsible for production while Sergio is in charge of the style office. The relationship of the Levantesi family is so intense that it guarantees the maximum commitment and the maximum availability on the part of all the employees of the GKS company. After collaborating for decades with the most famous brands of Italian women's shoes, the members of the Levantesi family decided to create their own line of footwear to make available to the end customer the many skills acquired over the years. The new line takes its name from the one who, of the three sons, is the creator and designer of the collection, namely Sergio Levantesi. The goal that we try to achieve with the creations is to create a shoe that is sophisticated but at the same time natural, thus giving the opportunity to all women to realize a dream: walk on heels for hours! In addition to the search for the best shapes and the study of perfect proportions, what makes it possible to proudly apply the 100% MADE IN ITALY brand to Sergio Levantesi footwear is the careful selection of all the materials used.

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