List of products by brand Luigi Borrelli®

The choice of the best fabrics.

Luigi Borrelli is a famous brand for the craftsmanship of hand-made garments in Italy of great value, specialized in knitwear and outerwear, such as jackets and dresses. The Neapolitan company is among the first in the men's clothing sector, worldwide, by signing the class total look, respecting the ancient sartorial tradition of the Neapolitan masters. The "Neapolitan shoulder", the "seven-fold" tie, the "mappina" sleeve are synonymous, in the world, of Neapolitan art to create dresses with impeccable wearability. The choice of the best fabrics, the exclusive design and the harmony of colors, lead to the creation of his ties, as well as the tailoring art is the secret of knitwear in precious cashmere fabric. Jackets and tailored suits, are the fruit of creativity and workmanship taken care of in the most meticulous details.

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