List of products by brand Sartoria Sorrento®

Contemporary and classic designs.

Sartoria Sorrento has always been one of the points of reference for dressing up in high Neapolitan society. Materials of exceptional quality, contemporary and classic designs, craftsmanship and patient attention to details of contour, cutting and trends: all this is Sartoria Sorrento, one of the most renowned Italian fashion shops, custodian of the ancient sartorial tradition of Naples, declined with class and elegance. Fineness, distinction and good taste are the concepts behind all the creations of Sartoria Sorrento, clothing that dresses man with style and character and that includes clothes, shirts, ties, knitwear, jackets and shoes of extraordinary workmanship. Sartoria Sorrento is a brand that stands out for the high quality of its productions, made by hand according to the customs of one of the most illustrious and glorious tailoring traditions, today appreciated all over the world for the precision of its workmanship in the creation of clothing man. Unique pieces, which are produced by our tailors in the Neapolitan laboratories using only double twisted cottons, linen, precious silks and tasmania wool, considered among the finest fabrics in the world for its exceptional fineness and extraordinary elegance.

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