List of products by brand Liviana Conti®

The Italian queen of the tricot.

Liviana Conti is a total look knitwear brand, born in 1982 from the creativity of the stylist Liviana Troffei and from the experience of the entrepreneur Roberto Conti. The brand is produced by the company of Savignano sul Rubicone, founded in 1976 and initially positioned in the child fashion segment. The lady of the "inventive knitting" proposes sophisticated and versatile women's collections, where the tricot is the undisputed protagonist of the wardrobe made up of clothes, vests, sweaters, t-shirts, outerwear, tops and trousers, the result of craftsmanship, knitwear experiments, research into materials and production techniques. Liviana Conti presents a conceptual, minimalist and essential fashion that evokes dreamlike atmospheres and leads to unusual stylistic solutions. It proposes a refined glamor made of soft lines, light volumes, unexpected shapes, precise and rigorous cuts, overlaps, asymmetries, chromatic purity expressed in shades of beige, pink, gray and blue. The Italian queen of the tricot gives life to a creative and delicate look, where the silhouette is caressed by impalpable dresses, sweaters in thin viscose and crépe cotton, characterized by cuts and deep openings that reveal the back, soft necks, sagging shoulders, curls, criss-cross and flakes. To be worn with technical fabric duster coats, jackets, shawls and generous cardigans.

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