List of products by brand Miu Miu®

More extravagant combinations.

Miu Miu was founded in 1993, is the fashion line of clothing and accessories, proposed by Prada for young women. It stands out for its fresh and elegant style, which makes each season delicate and precious. Created for the girls fascinated by the refined and sober image of Prada, revisited in a modern key under 25. The brand experiments the most extravagant models and combinations, always respecting the Prada philosophy in the name of the total bon-ton look. Miu Miu incorporates the must-haves of the "girl for good" style, made of perfect-cut coats, suits, collared shirts, twin sets of cashmere, knee-length skirts, and updates the concept: revisiting lines and volumes, playing with details and fantasies giving the garments of his collection a sparkling and modern look. Among the favorite colors of Miu Miu, being the Prada brand, there is Milan, the brown, the cream, the verdone, with calm tones and never too showy. The fabrics chosen are always the best of Made in Italy: shaved wool, tweed, Prince of Wales, bouclé, brocade and cashmere for the winter, and even silk, cotton muslin and sangallo for the summer.

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