List of products by brand Jan Mayen®

Material richness and refinement.

JANMAYEN, a name that evokes distant and unexplored lands. A name that recalls boundless and unexplored landscapes, where snow and ice create unforgettable images. JANMAYEN is however also an emerging name of fashion, a name for a collection that, inspired by similar landscapes, it surrounds itself with warmth, refinement and technology. Designed and created for the whole family. Designed to facilitate the greatest possible interaction between comfort, fashion and practicality. A sort of interactive universe to bring the final consumer closer, man, woman, child and girl, in a sport-glamorous atmosphere that expresses a lifestyle. Light in weight, but warm and comfortable, thanks to the highest quality padding, all garments have the only common denominator: richness and refinement of materials, accuracy in details, and skilful workmanship. A sartorial dimension in which the result is an evolution of the consumer struggling with an elegance that learns to mix unforgettable classics with a more innovative hi-tech.

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