List of products by brand Malo®

Keeper of the beauty treasure.

Born in Florence in 1972, in a few years it became a leader in the production of high-end cashmere knitwear. From noble materials come to life unique and precious garments that confirm rigorous attention to quality, tradition, experimentation with new techniques and processes in every detail. Malo has been the guardian of the treasure of beauty and elegance for a long time, aware of the fine craftsmanship of its staff. A talented team that makes it possible to develop new ideas and experiment with new paths for garments that are constantly evolving, but with a common denominator: the promise of a precious 100% Made in Italy product. This is Malo, a brand with a craft focus where passion and intuition are an integral part of the design process, from the search for cashmere yarns to spinning, from dyeing to knitting. Luxury is invisible, an intimate and secret material that translates into a search for shapes, details and stitching. It is the immaterial strength of the Malo character that evolves into a timeless elegance, like true passions.

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