List of products by brand Pinko®

An intriguing and never predictable light.

Pinko is a brand of clothing and accessories with a trendy, sexy and gritty look for women, born in the '80s by Pietro Negra and Cristina Rubini, who founded the company of Fidenza, owner of the Pinko and Toy G brands. glamorous and accessible, characterized by the rapid redeployment of the proposals, always in line with the latest international trends. The accuracy of details, workmanship and design can be found in the total look made of lightweight nylon down jackets with detachable fur hood, shirts, sweatshirts, tops, t-shirts, shoes, pants, brightly colored bags, dresses and minidresses with floral prints, drawings of funny little animals, cherries, bows and sequins. The designer Mitchell Bernal gives the Pinko wardrobe a touch of black humor, creating the "skelanimals" introduced by the motto "Dead Animals Need Love Too". They are animals that have come to a better life, returning to love, telling the story of their own death on clothes and accessories. Pinko is an independent Italian fashion brand that, through the creative flair that distinguishes it and an innate tension to beauty, offers collections with a careful look into the future. Pinko is positioned as a major player in the contemporary segment, with particular relevance in Italy and important growth prospects in foreign markets. Born from the intuition of the Negra family, which still manages it, Pinko offers a strongly stylistic proposal, anchored in the Italian culture of beauty and always oriented towards innovation and quality. Pinko stands out for its ability to highlight an intriguing and never predictable femininity, making the look of every adult and conscious woman, with ironic lightness, unique. The Pinko woman is aimed at women, aged 25 to 45, and beyond. Women who want to fully live their femininity in every context, with a touch of originality that brings out the homologation, but not necessarily over the top. Besides a strong passion for fashion, Pinko woman has various interests that involve everything that expresses creativity and creative innovation. It has such a purchasing power that it is possible to make very personal and not discounted choices, provided that it receives an adequate countervalue.

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