List of products by brand Sophie Stique®

It makes every woman unique and feminine.

There are stories to write, others to tell, others to weave. Since 2012 Sophie Stique * has started her own: a dense plot born of passion and decades of experience in the packaging of garments for high fashion brands. A family reality that today continues with the second generation. A starting point that has led, over the years, to the consolidation of an experience which, combined with a love for craftsmanship, attention to detail and a passion for everything that makes every woman unique and feminine, has given birth to a dream. The creative and productive heart of the company is located in Gorlago, in the province of Bergamo. Thanks to the creativity of the designers and the skilled hands of the model makers, collections are created that embody the cheeky elegance of a woman who loves to amaze with taste and elegance. To allow all this the inspiration meets the competence of those seamstresses who, with love, for years have been following the thread of their dreams, turning every design into a garment to be discovered, worn and loved for life.

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