List of products by brand H9 53®

"Thought and made in Italy"

H as hunter, hunter of fashion trends, which wants to underline the steady attention towards the research; 953 as the experience gained by the team since 1953 as far as the tricot. H953 expresses a desire of authenticity. It arises from the idea that an item can be merged with the personality of the person who wears it. Ideas and emotions give birth to non-conventional designed patterns; experimental and innovative as regards the taste, pure as regards the style. The sweater, a must of every man's wardrobe, is a transversal, vital, poetic item of clothing; it is the expression of a constant research, the result of the unfailing testing of a traditional classic, but still unexplored, subject from a contemporary point of view. The H953 collection are, indeed, a journey among daring creations, the research of styles and essentiality. Scents , evocative colors and emotions of precious yarns blend with an irremissible minimalism and cleanness, giving birth to sophisticated and trendy items of clothing. The tradition and the craftsmanship of the company, with its cutting-edge technology, give the textiles an exclusive style. Each H953 item is made, cared and manufactured in Italy, with Italian processing and materials, that's why the slogan "Thought and made in Italy".

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