List of products by brand Feeling®

The essence passes from the look.

Two lines, two styles: Justmine and Feeling. Carefree and color in Justmine and elegance and style for Feeling, both declined to emphasize femininity. And a Justmine Easy to Wear line, to wear Justmine even outside the beach. Attention to detail and care in the packaging of the models are among the hallmarks of this brand, young and constantly evolving. Cutting and stitching are not everything. The essence passes from the gaze of those who imagine a garment, from the hands of those who assemble it and from the values ​​of those who transform it into reality. Thus the brand becomes life. Passion, curiosity, love for the past and search for new expressive languages ​​are the ingredients of the Justmine world. The history of the brand is mixed with the personal story of Anita Mancin and Antonella Bisagni, founders and creative of the company. 50 years ago Rita, Anita's mother, model maker, dressmaker and entrepreneur created her own company, "Rita Mare", in Oleggio, in a territory that, from the 1800s, was at national level, one of the production districts of swimsuit and corsetry. She is the one who transfers the passion to Anita and Antonella. First inside the company, experimenting with every phase of product creation. Then in contact with the customers, in the sale, with the possibility of collecting the information of who the product chooses and buys it, useful to then apply to their work. In 2012 Justmine was born. An all-female startup. The passion and experience gained over the years is transferred to the new brand. From the design of the fabrics to that of the garments, from the attention to the models, to the details, the product is the expression of the return to tradition and craftsmanship. A brand that enhances the love for the vintage world but revised with a keen eye to the present. The chain, for the Justmine Beachwear and Justmine Easy to Wear brands, is completely Made in Italy. An interesting company experiment that, in 2015, Justmine won the "Beachwear Award by Intimo Retail" as "Best Packaging", for having revolutionized the classic bag and packaging, replacing them with recyclable pasta bags and pizza cartons. In the same year "", Fashion section, dedicated to them one of the articles that tell the stories of young entrepreneurs, "Examples of women able to reinvent themselves by focusing on their dreams". In 2016 they again receive the "Beachwear Award by Intimo Retail" for having created the "Best print / fantasy - vintage series". In 2016 they carry out a corporate social responsibility project with the "Quelli del Sabato" association, which is dedicated to the leisure time of disabled children. A social communication campaign, "Just Mine. Costume Revolution "which involves 10 girls from the association in all phases of its realization. From the design of the model to the tailor-made realization, from the photo shoot to the fashion show and the exhibition linked to it. In 2017, they are chosen from among the companies that make up the jury of the "Stelle dell'Intimo" competition, which selects and promotes top retailers of underwear and beachwear in Italy, communicating the specificities and key success factors for the benefit of the entire profession. Competition created by Pisani Editore and organized in Italy by Linea Intima. In 2019 they are confirmed among the jurors of the same competition.

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