List of products by brand Franca Von Wunster®

Care of fit and cut.

Franca Von Wunster is one of the flagship brands of the Tex Zeta company. A line of refined and elegant costumes produced and designed to meet the needs of every lady. The collections are made on the basis of two key principles: style and functionality. The story of Franca Von Wunster is the story of a great little revolutionary style, born and raised in the womb of Imec and then opening her wings and redefining the contours of the elegance of the era. It all began in 1954 when Franca Von Wunster began almost as a joke a collaboration with Imec, a leading company in the sector active since 1936. Already a few months after its debut in the company, it was not difficult to see the extraordinary talent of this style dressmaker so much that in 1963 with the creation of the Paris petticoat, it gained the spotlight fully. The care of the wearability and the cut played a fundamental role but above all, as the newspapers of the time were titled, it was "The color revolution" so that from the classic white, pink, light blue and black it opened to the innovative for the blue era, red, green and brown. In 1974 the final choice. The Franca Von Wunster brand was born, positioned very high with the clear objective of addressing high-end customers. Since then everything has changed so that nothing could change that innovative and pioneering spirit that represents the distinctive character of the brand. The impeccable fit, the wise use of color, the extraordinary study of prints and the desire to reach even women with more generous silhouettes.

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