List of products by brand District Margherita Mazzei®

Absolutely craft and research.

MARGHERITA MAZZEI was born in Naples, and began to take his first steps in the fashion field at the age of just fifteen, first as a model and then as an atelier model. The passion for fashion leads her to want to create something of her own and founded in 1995 a company that produces and distributes high-range beachwear, beachwear, corsetry and lingerie collections first nationally, but immediately afterwards internationally with a prestigious collaboration with the well-known American brand "VICTORIA SECRET'S". His collections are enriched with prestige from year to year, being absolutely artisanal and researched, dedicated to a super demanding female audience, refined, elegant and always on the page. Soon the need arose to collaborate with leading companies in the sector, having at their disposal a creative workshop able to follow not only the MARGHERITA MAZZEI project, but also the development of collections for other companies in the sector, from design to production. Here is the collaboration with INTIMAMODA, a company from Modena to which it entrusts the distribution of its brand, and with which the artistic collaboration is born, taking on the direction of the VERDE VERONICA line, with which it collaborates from 2007 to 2011, designing refined women's lingerie / corsetry and sophisticated collections and exclusive beachwear and beachwear collections. Her commitment and her passion to carry on her brand led her to return to her Neapolitan territory, continuing to design and then produce her collections. From 2012 to 2015 together with its collections, it gives life to a real creative factory where several well-known and less known companies in the sector draw, including VELMAR for the BLUGIRL brand. From his creative laboratory ideas are born for companies, then projects, which from models become models and then production. In 2015 the collaboration with another leading company of the sector arrives, that is the PARAH that in those years goes through a real crisis identifying the product. In just two years M.M. manages to increase the turnover by 25%, characterizing the collections and bringing them to an identity.

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