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Ritratti Milano is a true hymn to the most authentic and refined femininity. A tribute, a dedication and a declaration of love that accompany the woman at all times of the day. Each proposal is a story, a container of creative enthusiasm, of taste and a deep knowledge of the value of details. Ritratti Milan has always been one of the most well-known and appreciated luxury brands in corsetry, lingerie and swimwear in Italy and abroad, an excellent example of the deepest Italian stylistic culture. The brand was born in Brianza in the early 1980s. It was immediately a great success. The spark that immediately lit up the spirits of the consumers who would never have thought of a real luxury product in the high corsetry also able to guarantee a wearability that left a mark. A sort of stylistic and technical prodigy that did not fail to immediately obtain a niche of very sophisticated and passionate admirers. Shortly thereafter, with the brand Ritratti Milano, the true icon of corsetry, the Star Cup bra, an innovative bra that finally began to enhance the decollete of contemporary women, came out in the showcase. Other innovations followed, both in the fashion product and in the continuous product that traveled around the world until today, where the Ritratti Milano brand is considered a true example of Italian excellence both nationally and internationally. From 2012 the brand was purchased by Tex Zeta s.r.l based in Carvico (Bergamo). The woman who buys a Ritratti Milano garment is a woman who chooses, attentive to fashion without being a victim, she prefers whispered and never shouted words, she knows the importance of details and well done. The quality of the fabrics and accessories used up to the knowledge of the workers and of the noblest Italian manufacturing art represent a case of excellence. The other brands of the company Tex Zeta S.r.l. are: Imec, Jaloe, Franca Von Wunster.

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