List of products by brand Exton®

Not just shoes.

Founded in 1950 by the Diana family, the company opened its artisan production in Aversa. Soon, the brand's project takes shape, becoming footwear excellence that signs the Made in Italy. Entry into the Uni.Co. in 1997 it marks the birth of the Exton brand and the optimization of all the production phases to give greater impetus to the company. The selection of material and leather, of exclusively Italian origin, is only one of the strengths of the production. The design of the collections, the lines and the shape of each model, in fact, are developed on ideas that pursue the principles of comfort and impeccable manufacture. EXTON is a tribute to Made in Italy shoes that always look at the innovation of shapes and the innovative research of styles and moods to wear. This is why we participate in the most important national and international fairs always discovering new trends and new technologies based on the production and manufacturing definition of a high quality product. Wearing Exton shoes means having a product that has an authentic quality / price ratio. From the trendy, youthful and informal sneaker to the classic authoritarian, prestige and formal. Not just shoes, but comfort, design and, above all, a way of being for every occasion.

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