List of products by brand Geospirit®

Creation, transformation, energy, solidity.

The return to the Roots to be reborn. The union of the Elements to create a new story. The Earth, from which everything starts and to which everything returns. Fire, the principle of life. The Air, the energy we breathe. Water, the vital source. Everything starts from the Elements, when one looks for the substance. Water, Air, Fire, Earth. Creation, transformation, energy, solidity. Intense and primordial emotions. A color for each element: the liquid serenity of the greens, the ample breath of the blues, the burning heat of the reds, the sandy density of the browns. A woman for every element, to witness the power of life. An animal for each element, transformed into a print by imagination. A metamorphosis that respects life, which it creates without destroying. The essence is in the name: Geospirit. The spirit of the earth. The power of substance, the energy of creation. The wonder of a new story.

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