List of products by brand Fabiana Filippi®

Contemporary design vision.

The story of Fabiana Filippi is inextricably linked to the passion and concreteness of its founders. An Italian entrepreneurial story, started in 1985, deeply linked to authentic places of Made in Italy. We are in the heart of Umbria, tradition in artisan manufacturing art and love for excellence are intertwined with a contemporary design vision. Today Fabiana Filippi is one of the leading brands of the real Made in Italy. The brand is present in thirty countries around the world and its message is conveyed in the main fashion capitals: Milan, Paris, New York, London, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai and Moscow. A company with strong human connotations and a clear professional ethics, born in unique places for a refined and intimate lifestyle. Craftsmanship is an absolute virtue in the production of Fabiana Filippi. Italian doing emerges decisively in a perfect balance between product quality and style. The refined precision of the processing embellishes the fiber, maintaining the delicacy. Creative simplicity is made of details for a recognizable and timeless design. Processing as a consequence of the passion for traditions and manual skills express harmonious lines and precise proportions. Attention to detail translates into the choice of precious raw materials and extends in every production phase up to the quality control of the entire production process. An elegant and refined woman. Choosing Fabiana Filippi means embracing a naturally refined style favoring the language of being over that of appearing. An elegance far from any approval, a sense of timeless beauty and at the service of the wearer's personality. In line with the brand philosophy, the Fabiana Filippi collections offer an exclusive, modern style, an individual taste without constraints capable of combining functionality and aesthetics. A product worn with the same naturalness that leads a woman to love, smile and dream. A style made of balance and details, where simplicity is synonymous with sobriety.

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