List of products by brand Gran Sasso®

Real fashion phenomenon.

Born as a small family business, Maglificio Gran Sasso today represents an international icon of Made in Italy fashion. Its history begins in 1952 in Sant'Egidio alla Vibrata, a small town south of the border between Marche and Abruzzo, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the four brothers Nello, Eraldo, Alceo and Francesco Di Stefano. The vocation of the Di Stefano brothers has been to devote themselves with passion to knitwear garments, packaging them with elegance and quality to make them a real fashion phenomenon. The success of the initiative leads to the conquest of increasingly prestigious market positions. In the 1970s, with the transition from a family business to an industrial company, the definitive affirmation on the domestic and foreign markets was realized, facilitating the creation of a strong and homogeneous global image of the brand. In 2002 work began on the design of the new complex complex of 36,000 m2 which brings together the buildings used for production, warehouse, administration, showroom and canteen. The building is designed to accommodate over 400 employees and a completely renovated machine park, in a logic that pays attention to the quality of the work spaces and their opening to the surrounding context. The new millennium was crucial for the development of the company. In addition to the new plant in S. Egidio alla Vibrata, Maglificio Gran Sasso in 2005 inaugurated the new factory in Roseto degli Abruzzi, from the recovery of a furnace formerly dedicated to the production of handmade bricks, specialized in weaving on cotton looms. Today Maglificio Gran Sasso is a company that ranks among the main players in the production and marketing of knitwear and casual clothing. The high quality of the products is guaranteed by the strong manual component that characterizes all phases of the production chain: each product is made by hand, with high craftsmanship techniques, to become an exclusive and recognizable object. In recent years, the third generation has also entered the company, which continues to maintain that balanced mix of tradition and modernity of the product that has always distinguished the brand. The company also has an industrial dyeing plant and an exhibition showroom in via Montenapoleone in Milan, one of the most fashionable places in Italy.

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