List of products by brand Pokemaoke®

An escape to fantasy and creativity.

Pokemaoke is an Italian brand of footwear and accessories for women. The brand born from the meeting of an interior architect, creator of objects and an entrepreneur of clothes, accessories and shoes made by hand, have combined their strengths and their experiences giving life to the Pokemaoke brand. The brand's mission revolves around words: originality, creativity and product care. Pokemaoke wants to bring back handmade creations giving free rein to imagination and creativity. The ballet Pokemaoke realizes the desire of every woman, to feel unique, special, happy to own an object exclusively his. The Pokemakes are strictly handmade, in Italy, each one is different both in the couple and in the series. With Pokemaoke you do not wear a shoe but an idea, thanks to creations that speak of everyday objects, masterfully sewn or glued on the upper of each shoe, such as cups, bricks, cork stoppers, engagement rings and small frames. In addition to the "classic" dancers, the collection consists of bags, hats and shoes, enriched with unusual but glamorous details. Giulia Simoncelli and Jessica Piantoni, in fashion for years, decide to give women the chance to own a unique and inimitable piece, able to give vivacity, light-heartedness and elegance to each of them. Looking for the difference, the Pokemaoke brand tells the uniqueness of female paths far from clichés and close to a woman who does not like to feel stereotyped, identified in an icon that no longer recognizes. For a woman who loves taking care of her feminine side and who is able to diversify her wardrobe in a completely different way, enriching it with lace and tulle but also with caps, computer keys, keys, toy soldiers, cars, buildings and even sweets. Every detail enriches and embellishes cute and witty shoes and garments, but also deeply sought after and meticulous. Pokemaoke shoes are born from the desire to feel unique and special and to possess an exclusive object.

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