List of products by brand Cooperativa Pescatori Posillipo®

The sea with its perfumes.

Present since 2004, this Italian brand combines the renowned sartorial tradition with new stylistic trends by offering a type of product dedicated to an Italian way of life made of Good Taste and Simplicity. A refined, excellent Sportswear that turns its gaze to a specific category of buyers, aware of the high quality of the fabrics, lines and manufacture that this product offers. In fact, the entire production process and all the raw materials used for the realization of each single garment are entirely produced in ITALY, from cotton to silk, from cashmere to merinos, and highly appreciated by the fans of this Brand who are also fascinated by the element that has inspired by the conception of this product ... the SEA. The sea with its scents and its various shades, which can be aggressive and elegant at the same time, which makes you dream but which at the same time brings you back to reality. How concrete is the reality of COOPERATIVA PESCATORI POSILLIPO, which 100% reflects the true essence of Made in Italy in all its components, from fabrics to yarn, from accessories to manufacturing. POSILLIPO FISHERMAN COOPERATIVE, was conceived from the idea of ​​the ancestral relationship between the Fisherman and the Parthenope mermaid, his mythical and unexpected companion.

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