List of products by brand Casadei®

Maximum attention to exclusivity.

Follow fashion, inspire it with the design of an upper, with the shape of a toe or a plateau, with the line and the proportions of a heel. Interpret it in the few elements that define and distinguish the uniqueness of a shoe. And make it special every time: it's not a trivial matter. A fortiori if, like Casadei, you know how to do it for fifty years, with unchanged passion. In half a century, the shoe manufacturing company of San Mauro Pascoli, today among the best known and esteemed, has produced an extraordinary quantity and variety of strong ideas. Models that remain current, always exciting. And that, seen along the last decades, they appear even more original, courageous, experimental. Milestones of an entrepreneurial affair in which tradition and research combine, sophisticated craftsmanship and the desire for innovation.

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