List of products by brand DNL®

Art, travel and avant-garde.

The brand works every day to meet the needs of each customer, even the most difficult ones. The packaged articles are characterized by an excellent sartorial avant-garde. DNL focuses heavily on craftsmanship and quality that guarantee a reliable and long lasting product. The clothes reflect the personality of the man who wears them, a man who shows elegance and perfection even in gestures and behaviors. These are products that allow you to create a look studied in detail, in which there is a perfect combination of colors, lines and shapes. Perfection and tradition come together to create articles with precious and selected fabrics. DNL shirts and trousers have a lived-in look, in step with the times but also refined. Wearing the clothing of the fashion house, one cannot fail to show a fashion imprint that allows it to be recognized. The particularity of the brand is hidden in what it takes inspiration from for the creation of exceptional garments. Art, travel and avant-garde are the keywords that describe the brand's unique and heterogeneous style. DNL therefore wants to offer a wide range of choice to the customer who loves to change and differentiate. All this without ever renouncing guaranteed quality and craftsmanship. Originality and classicism come together in a one-of-a-kind garment. The team of professionals of the fashion house never stops updating to experiment with always innovative and stylish clothes. DNL man, therefore, differs in his being a trend setter, globetrotter and cosmopolitan. Pier Abbigliamento also chose DNL products for the windows of his shop in Vailate. You can not fail to take a look at the fine garments for all tastes if you are near Lodi, Orzinovi and Trezzo sull'Adda.

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