List of products by brand Andrea Fenzi®

Materie prime altamente selezionate.

Andrea Fenzi is a brand that was born before the seventies, and that immediately chooses to offer in an exclusive way the garments characterized by a very marked quality, the result of a highly accurate selection of materials and craftsmanship of great value. This important company from Brescia is part of the Doratex Group, a reality that shares the same values ​​of value and refinement as Andrea Fenzi and which for this reason has chosen to marry the exclusivity of this company. Thanks to the Doratex Group, the Andrea Fenzi brand acquires a more contemporary and cosmopolitan style, but always faithful to its dictates marked by refinement and refinement. The main peculiarity that distinguishes the Andrea Fenzi brand is undoubtedly represented by the particular processing of its garments, carried out through very rigorous artisan techniques that offer a final result extraordinarily similar to the classic "handmade" products. The manufacturing care, as mentioned, is only one of the reasons why the Andrea Fenzi brand is considered a very important reality in the world of Made in Italy fashion: discovering the materials usually worked by this company, in fact, you can well understand why its proposals are considered so prestigious. Andrea Fenzi designer garments are made using highly selected raw materials, that is, in cashmere, cotton, alpaca, merino wool, in è vicuña, just to give some examples. Furthermore, in order to further improve the quality of these garments, Doratex Group has provided that the selection of raw materials should take place directly in the countries where their production is more noble, or for example in New Zealand for merit wool and in Mongolia for cashmere. The great quality by Andrea Fenzi is appreciable in collections dedicated to every period of the year and aimed at both men and women. To date, the Andrea Fenzi brand boasts showrooms in Barcelona, ​​London, Düsseldorf, Moscow, Hong Kong, Tokyo and of course also in Visano, a municipality in the province of Brescia where the company is based.

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