List of products by brand Roy Roger's®

Beginning in 1952.

Roy Roger's is an Italian clothing brand founded in 1949 by Francesco and Mario Bacci, famous for the blue jeans production that began in 1952. They are named after the western singer and actor Roy Rogers. Roy Roger's jeans became famous for the characteristics of being equipped with 5 pockets and a zipper on the back pockets. The current president of the brand is Fulvio Biondi. The brand is distributed by Manifatture 7 Bell s.p.a. of Campi Bisenzio. After having met a great public response in the seventies, a slow, physiological decline followed for Roy Roger's. In recent years they have experienced a new period of popularity, revived as vintage. On the occasion of the brand's sixty years, sixty Pontiac Solstice "RR60" model cars were produced, with the denim hood and the company logo on the front air intake and rear exhaust. They are mentioned with nostalgic intent by the music band 883 by Max Pezzali in the song Gli anni. Roy Roger's founder Mario Bacci died at the age of 79 on April 21, 2009. In 2014 Roy Roger's signed an agreement with Aspesi for the creation of a limited edition capsule collection, Aspesi outerwear for Roy Roger's.

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